Misc. Rares and Promos, 2001

Origins Promos: Catfight Button Men

Buttons: Nickie, Sonia and Tamiya
Nickie: z4 10 10 12 z12
Sonia: 6 6 z12 20 20
Tamiya: 4 8 8 12 z20
Release Date: July 2001
Source: Cheapass Games: Origins Program Book
Designer: James Ernest
Artist: Bryce Nakagawa
Tournament Legal? Yes

The three Catfight Girls were featured as rare Button Men in the Origins on-site program book. Since they are BRAWL Button Men, these characters have Speed Dice. Unlike the other BRAWL, characters, however, the Catfight girls don’t have Swing dice. So you’d better love them just the way they are. We do.

Gen Con Promos: Jorgi and Tsusuko

Buttons: Jorgi and Tsusuko.
Jorgi: 4 6 8 20 pX
Tsusuko: f6 10 10 16 X
Release Date: August 2001
Source: Cheapass Games: Gen Con Program Book
Designer: James Ernest
Artist: Phil Foglio (Jorgi) and Ric Frane (Tsusuko)
New Rules: None.
Tournament Legal? Yes.

In the tradition of previous summer conventions, Cheapass once again lured fans to its Gen Con booth with two promotional Button Men in the Gen Con program book. Jorgi is a card from the new James Ernest Game Girl Genius: The Works, and Tsusuko is the “rare” from the Samurai Button Men set.

DemiCon 13

Buttons: The Effster, the Fictitious Alan Clark
The Effster: 4s 8 8 12s Xs
The Fictitious Alan Clark: 8s 8s 3/12 20 X
Release Date: October 2001
Source: Des Moines Science Fiction Society
Designer: James Ernest
Artist: Alan M. Clark
Tournament Legal? Yes

These two Button Men were released as promotion for DemiCon 13 in May 2002.