Dork Victory

Release Date: October 2000
Set Size: 6 Buttons
Publisher: Cheapass Games
Designers: James Ernest
Artist: John Kovalic
New Rules: Mood Swing Dice

Dork Victory is by far the funniest set of Button Men. John Kovalic, creator of the Dork Tower comic series, drew his six main characters dressed as characters from the original Soldiers set. Igor is Hammer, Gilly is Clare, and so on. The recipes are versions of the originals, but using Speed and Twin dice as well as the new Mood Swing.

The dice below include Twin Dice (X,X), Speed Dice (zX) and two kinds of Swing Dice, V and X. Also noted are the three “Mood Swing” dice, which are marked with a “?”.

Name Die 1 Die 2 Die 3 Die 4 Die 5
Bill (as Iago) 20 20 20 (V,V)
Carson (as Kublai) (4,4) 8 10 12 zV
Gilly (as Clare) 6 8 z8 20 X?
Igor (as Hammer) 3 12 20 20 X?
Ken (as Bauer) 8 10 z12 20 V
Matt (as Hannah) z8 10 10 z10 V?