Legend of the Five Rings

Release Date: August, 1999
Set Size: 10 Buttons, 2 Rares
Publisher: Five Rings Publishing / Wizards of the Coast
Designer: James Ernest
Artist: Various
New Rules: Focus Dice
Rares: Kakita and Mirumoto

Five Rings Publishing Group created these 10 Button Men as part of a continuity tournament for their trading card game, Legend of the Five Rings, at Gen Con 1999. The buttons were sold in a set of 10 at Gen Con, and later two more Rares were added and the entire set of twelve buttons were made available directly from Five Rings. This is one of the most popular and sought-after promotional sets of Button Men ever made.

Design Notes

Focus Dice were created specifically for Five Rings. Because they were clearly more powerful than standard dice, Focus Dice were compensated by the removal of all variable dice. The result is an appropriate and very playable set.

Today, Focus Dice are represented by a downward-pointing arrow on the die frame. In the Five Rings set, the dice are denoted only by a different color of die frame, which is a marking Cheapass Games has never explicitly defined. In the list below, Focus Dice are denotes as “fD.”

Name Die 1 Die 2 Die 3 Die 4 Die 5
Crab 8 10 12 f20 f20
Crane 4 f6 f8 10 20
Dragon 4 8 f8 12 20
Lion 4 f6 10 f20 20
Mantis 6 f8 f10 20 20
Naga f6 8 8 8 20
Phoenix 4 6 f8 10 f20
Ronin 6 f6 8 f12 12
Scorpion 4 4 f4 f12 20
Unicorn 4 4 f6 f12 20
Mirumoto f6 10 f10 12 20
Kakita 6 f6 10 f12 20