Pendragon Button Lords

Release Date: February, 2000
Set Size: 8 Buttons
Publisher: Green Knight Publishing
Designers: James Ernest
Artist: Lissanne Lake
New Rules: Auxiliary Dice

Eight characters from Arthurian legend are represented in this medium-sized expansion from Green Knight Publishing. A new die type, Auxiliary Dice, provides for a few more options. Button Lords was nominated for the Origins Award for Best Abstract Board game of 2000.

Design Notes

Pendragon insisted on a mechanic to simulate fighting on horseback, and the Auxiliary Die was born. Actually, the concept grew out of the development track that led to the Reserve Dice in the Sailor Moon expansion. Auxiliary Dice are slightly different from Reserve Dice, as they are always available to their owners, as well as any opponent foolish enough to go around without one.

Ironically, the ButtonLords were printed along with the BRAWL Button Men, resulting in two buttons named Morgan being produced at the same time.

Name Die 1 Die 2 Die 3 Die 4 Die 5 Auxiliary Die
Arthur 8 8 10 20 X +20
Mordred s6 10 10 s20 sX +4
Lancelot 10 12 20 20 X +X
Gawaine 4 4 12 20 X +6
Morgan s4 12 s12 20 X +12
Guenever 6 s8 10 12 X +8
Nimue 4 6 s12 20 X +s10
Merlin 2 4 s10 s20 X +sX