Release Date: July, 1999
Set Size: 4 Buttons
Publisher: Digital Addiction
Designer: James Ernest
Artist: Various

These four characters were designed as a prelude to a full set of 12 characters from the Digital Addiction online trading card game known as “Sanctum,” but were ultimately the only four produced. They were given as participation awards in Digital Addiction’s 1999 on-site Origins Tournament, and were also sold over the Digital Addiction website.

Design Notes

Ogi’s 2-sided die and pair of X’s make him a formidable opponent, and it was in fact a player from Digital Addiction, using Ogi with two 16-side dice for his Swing Dice, who won the Cheapass Games-sponsored “Button Men National Championships” at Origins 1999. Along with introducing 2-sided dice, the Sanctum Set also introduced the 7-sided die (Fingle) and this along with the 16-siders in the nationals was a wake-up call to many players that the value of X was not restricted to the normal range of polyhedral dice. Indeed, the most prevalent question that followed the release of the Sanctum set was whether X could be -any- integer between 4 and 20, the answer to which was a resounding “Yes.”

Name Die 1 Die 2 Die 3 Die 4 Die 5 Special?
Dracha 4 10 20 20 X
Ogi 2 4 10 X X First 2-sided die
Fingle 6 7 8 12 X First 7-sided die
Ngozi 4 6 8 10 X