Tournament List

Here is a brief list of many of the Button Man in the universe, and whether that character is legal in tournaments.

Please be aware that every tournament is different, and in fact we encourage you to run tournaments with different lists than the one given here. This is only meant as a jumping-off point, a list of those buttons we think are fair enough to play with.

If you have suggestions for why certain Button Men should be on or off this list, we want to hear them. Basically, we want to make sure that people who want a fair game can get one!

Please note this list is only current through 2002; we’re in the process of updating it.

The Tournament Legal Button Men are:

Set Character
Soldiers Avis
Soldiers Hammer
Soldiers Bauer
Soldiers Stark
Soldiers Clare
Soldiers Kith
Soldiers Karl
Soldiers Iago
Soldiers Niles
Soldiers Shore
Soldiers Hannah
Soldiers Kublai
Sanctum Dracha
Sanctum Ogi
Sanctum Fingle
Sanctum Ngozi
Lunch Money Charity
Lunch Money Prudence
Lunch Money Hope
Lunch Money Chastity
Lunch Money Faith
Lunch Money Temperance
Lunch Money Patience
Vampyres Angel
Vampyres Buddy
Vampyres Dunkirk
Vampyres Starchylde
Vampyres McGinty
Vampyres Tiffany
Legend of the Five Rings Crab
Legend of the Five Rings Crane
Legend of the Five Rings Dragon
Legend of the Five Rings Lion
Legend of the Five Rings Mantis
Legend of the Five Rings Naga
Legend of the Five Rings Phoenix
Legend of the Five Rings Ronin
Legend of the Five Rings Scorpion
Legend of the Five Rings Unicorn
Legend of the Five Rings Mirumoto
Legend of the Five Rings Kakita
BROM Lucky
BROM Shepherd
BROM Peace
BROM Crusher
BROM Grist
BROM Wastenott
BROM Reaver
BROM Jellybean
BROM Bluff
BROM Strik
BROM Echo*
BROM Giant*
Misc 1999/Studio Foglio Brigid
Misc 1999/Studio Foglio O-Lass
Misc 1999 Zeppo
Misc 1999 Eiko
Misc 1999 Wu Lan
Misc 1999 Buzzing Weasel
Misc 1999 Dirgo
Misc 1999 Flaire
Misc 1999 Poly
Misc 1999 Adam Spam
Misc 1999 Fuzzface
BRAWL Bennett
BRAWL Darwin
BRAWL Morgan
Button Lords Arthur
Button Lords Mordred
Button Lords Lancelot
Button Lords Gawaine
Button Lords Morgan
Button Lords Gwenevere
Button Lords Nimue
Button Lords Merlin
Studio Foglio/Misc 1999 Brigid
Studio Foglio/Misc 1999 O-Lass
Studio Foglio Phil
Studio Foglio Dixie
Studio Foglio Growf
Studio Foglio Buck
Studio Foglio Agatha
Studio Foglio Krosp
Studio Foglio Klaus
Studio Foglio Von Pinn
Studio Foglio Bang
Studio Foglio Gil
Sailor Moon Set I Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Set I Queen Beryl
Sailor Moon Set I Sailor Mercury
Sailor Moon Set I Zoycite
Sailor Moon Set I Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon Set I Jedite
Sailor Moon Set I Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Moon Set I Nephlite
Sailor Moon Set I Sailor Venus
Sailor Moon Set I Malachite
Sailor Moon Set I Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Moon Set I Shadow Warriors
Freaks Max
Freaks Mister Peach
Freaks Simon
Freaks Werner
Fantasy Luce
Fantasy Frasquito
Fantasy Lark
Fantasy Theophilius
Fantasy Mischa
Fantasy Chang
Fantasy Aldric
Fantasy Elihu
Fantasy Farrell
Fantasy Nikolai
Fantasy Cesare
Fantasy Vincent
Fantasy Nightmare
Fantasy Socrates
Dork Victory Bill
Dork Victory Carson
Dork Victory Gilly
Dork Victory Igor
Dork Victory Ken
Dork Victory Matt
Sailor Moon Set II Luna & Artemis
Sailor Moon Set II Wicked Lady
Sailor Moon Set II Queen Serenity
Sailor Moon Set II Rubeus
Sailor Moon Set II Princess Serena
Sailor Moon Set II Sapphire
Sailor Moon Set II Rini
Sailor Moon Set II Wiseman
Sailor Moon Set II Neo-Queen Serenity
Sailor Moon Set II Prince Diamond
Sailor Moon Set II King Endymion
Sailor Moon Set II Emerald
Bruno Bruno
Bruno Pappy
Bruno Synthia
Bruno The GM
Misc 2000 Social Class
Misc 2000 Tess
Misc 2000 Guillermo
Misc 2000 Ginzu
Misc 2000 Gratch
Misc 2000 Bush
Misc 2000 Gore
Misc 2000 Cthulhu
Misc 2000 Me am ORK
Misc 2000 Nerni
Misc 2000 Yeti
Misc 2000 Sven
Misc 2000 Yeseulte
Misc 2000 Japanese Beetle
Misc 2000 Flying Squirrel
Misc 2000 Howling Wolf
Misc 2000 White Tiger
Sluggy Freelance Aylee
Sluggy Freelance Bun-Bun
Sluggy Freelance Kiki
Sluggy Freelance Riff
Sluggy Freelance Torg
Sluggy Freelance Zoë
Samurai Honzo
Samurai Konami
Samurai Okaru
Samurai Sadakuro
Samurai Tonase
Samurai Yuranosuke
Samurai Tsusuko
Misc 2001 Jorgi
Misc 2001 The Effster
Misc 2001 Fictitious Alan Clark
Misc 2001 Catfight BRAWL: Nickie
Misc 2001 Catfight BRAWL: Sonia
Misc 2001 Catfight BRAWL: Tamiya